Hi, I'm the guy who always gets 0 points.

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. Nobita (born on 7 August 1997), is one of the main characters of the series and the center of the story. He is a fourth grader and is 10 years old. He appears in Fujiko Fujio's Doraemon anime sereies as a main character.He also appeared in the films of Doraemon.Nobita is voiced by Yoshiko Saka in the 1970 series, Noriko Ohara from 1979-2005 and Ohara Megumi from 2006 onward.


Nobita is dumb, unintelligent, and slow-witted. just about everybody in the amine is smarter than him, though once Giant got 0 points while nobita got 12 points.



nobita has a huge crush on shizuka, and often uses doraemon gadgets to woo shizuka, and distrupts shizuka's relationships with other boys like suneo and dekisugi or even doraemon.

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Sigh. what a failure.

==Everyday Life==

Nobita's normal day consists of: being late to school, even if not, being scolded by his teacher for not doing homework, on the way home, being chased by dogs, stepping into mud puddles, and occasionally being scolded by his mom because she found a 0 test score, failing baseball/soccer, afterwards being chased and beaten by Giant (though he his injuries always disappear in a second) or seeing shizuka with dekisugi. after wards he would be begging doraemon to pull out a gadget to get revenge or woo shizuka after failing or done playing with the gadget, he doesn't do homework but sleeps, and wakes up late for school again. it's kinda like a routine huh?